For its next show in its newest art space, Rele Gallery is presenting Africa in multicolour, from the point of view of four artists, all born in the 1990s, with varying degrees of art practice experience, and a connected theme.

Agnes Waruguru’s Other Lands to Look Forward to.


Sedireng Mothibatsela’s Mimi’s Scale.


Sabrina Coleman-Pinheiro’s Fragment Versions of Self IV.


IyunOla Sanyaolu’s In Self Company.

Reading Abstraction
The Space Between
will feature paintings by Kenyan artist Agnes Waruguru, Botswana’s Sedireng Mothibatsela, Nigerian-British-Sudanese Sabrina Coleman-Pinheiro and the Nigerian IyunOla Sanyaolu, at the Gallery’s new space on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, in the United States, from Saturday, June 5, 2021.

The exhibition examines the diverse and layered use of abstraction; each of the artists use various textures, mediums and acts of mark-making to engage in the transcendental act of space and world-making”, Rele says in a briefing.

The abstract space here is alive and constantly evolving, serving as both familiar and uncharted terrain”.

Reading Abstraction: The Space Between imagines the abstract as both dynamic and specific, a place of unfolding histories and modernities. A place of simultaneous interiority and exteriority. From the intimate to the impersonal, the exhibition explores the possibilities of abstract forms in creating new languages, philosophies and worlds unbound by–yet drawn from–material reality. Throughout the works, visual elements such as line, form, color and texture become vehicles and sites for the creation and exploration of immersive worlds and narratives”.

Agnes Waruguru
The Kenyan artist Agnes Waruguru was born in 1994. Her work ranges from painting, drawing, printmaking, needlework, and installation. “The materiality of objects in space is at the core of Waruguru’s explorations”, explains the exhibition catalogue, “which are intimately rooted in personal identity politics, often referencing women’s practices and traditional cultural identifiers”.
IyunOla Sanyaolu.
The Nigerian painter IyunOla Sanyaolu’s work centers around an enduring exploration of texture and a layered build-up of form through the use of the impasto technique”, the catalogue testifies. Born in 1996, Sanyaolu works primarily in oil, presenting picturesque scenes that merge the abstract with the figurative, eschewing the realistic for the emotive, echoing her belief in the therapeutic qualities of art.
Sedireng Mothibatsela.

Sedireng Mothibatsela, from Botswana, features deeply embedded personal stories and experiences. In her work, which are delivered in diverse mediums and stylistic forms, Rele Gallery says. Mothibatsela, who was born in Gaborone, the capital city of the diamond rich country, interrogates both materiality and technique in creating layered and intricately textured compositions, the exhibition catalogue points out. “Drawing from an interest in psychology, Mothibatsela examines the human condition through an enduring exploration of identity and personal emotional journeys through grief, solace and spirituality”.

Sabrina Coleman-Pinheiro.
Sabrina Coleman-Pinheiro is a visual artist of Nigerian, British and Sudanese lineage based in Lagos. Of her practice, the gallery says: “Working between the abstract and the figurative, Coleman-Pinheiro’s works catalogue constant battles with anxiety; with a goal to drive conversation on our understanding and view of mental health in contemporary society”. The 31 year old seeks to give material form to the intangible and offers shape to things that can only be felt, taking her viewers on a journey through a mind dealing with a mental disorder. Her highly codified and conceptual imagery seeks to connect her viewers to the universality of her experiences.
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