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Once again, the quest for money brings out one’s true character.

Payday is a comedy movie directed by Cheta Chukwu, produced by Orwi Manny Ameh, and released in 2018.

It features some of the more accomplished actors in the Nollywood pantheon, including Zack Orji, Mawuli Gavor, Baaj Adebule and Bisola Aiyeola.

The story follows the lives of two roommates and friends who have been quite unlucky in securing steady paid employment and the accompanying financial inflow.

Paul (Baaj Adebule) is an inventor who desperately seeks investors to get his product idea into the market. His friend, Ortega (Victor Ebiye) really isn’t keen about a steady job.

After their landlord’s death, they are under the impression that he has no family to claim the building, therefore, no more rent to pay. Paul and Ortega go on a wild night of fun, spending lavishly until they get a rude shock; their landlord has a daughter and rent still needs to be paid.

Paul is awkward and funny, sometimes silly. These traits endear him to us, because we know that he is still smart, especially when it comes to innovation. We get to see his lovestruck side, thanks to Kimberley (Meg Otanwa). Ortega is that one friend that comes up with crazy, spontaneous ideas. Their nosy neighbour Ngozi (Bisola Aiyeola) provides comic relief and is a vibe as always, but it seems her presence isn’t very impactful to the storyline.

Orlando (Mawuli Gavor) is quite the character. It’s impressive how Gavor switched from his usual smooth gentleman roles to a neighbourhood gangster/bully in this movie.

Payday could do with some improvement in the graphics department. There are still suspicions whether or not the dog in the cage at Mr Afolayan’s (Zack Orji) house is real or fake and the gunshot effects too could have been made to sound more convincing.

Paul and Ortega are victims of their own poor decisions which push them into taking risks that are completely out of character for the two easy-going guys.

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