Chronological Remuneration XI, acrylic, oil and pastel on canvas, 183 x 214 cm, diptych, 2020


SMO Contemporary Art is delighted to present the works of Kelani Abass at SOUTH SOUTH, a gallery-led online community, anthology, live resource and aggregator dedicated to art from the Global South and its diaspora.
The inaugural SOUTH SOUTH event, VEZA (which translates as to show, produce or reveal in isiZulu), will launch with a unique Iive vernissage selling event, followed by curated Online Viewing Rooms presenting an expansive view of art production in the global south.
In his recent body of work, Kelani Abass engages technology to by-pass obsolete materials, transporting them into modern relevance, usurping outmoded machinery and tools such as printing cases, letterpress types, metal plates, rubber blocks and the stamping tool to generate new narratives. He constantly explores the importance of material inheritance, interrogating how past and present coalesce.
We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting and innovative journey with SOUTH SOUTH.

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