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MARCH 16-19, 2023:

As feared, the Nigerian Gubernatorial and House of Assembly elections scheduled for Saturday, March 11 have been shifted to Saturday March 18, which runs smack into the March 16-19 date for the 2023 iREP Documentary Film Festival.

The Board and Programme Directorate of the iREP 2023 festival have, however, resolved to PROCEED with the festival as scheduled.

The IREP runs from Thursday through Sunday; as it stands, only the Saturday Programing content will be adversely affected. This means that the scheduled Plenary sessions (all virtual) and Screenings will run as planned, only the screenings on Saturday evening at the various designated centres will be affected.


Festival Highlights:

  • Date: March 16-19, 2023
  • Theme: Documenting the Underserved: Agenda for Nigeria 2023
  • Venues: Freedom Park, Lagos Island

Plus: Satellite Screening Centres in: Bariga. Ajegunle. Ejigbo. Ikorodu.


From Nigeria In Self-Conversation to Nigeria in Self-Conversation

Whereas the generic theme of iREP since foundation has been Africa in Self-conversation, with dependence on international partners to provide human and material resources for both plenary and screening slots, the 2023 minimised edition, will have as generic theme, NIGERIA IN SELF-CONVERSATION. As self-explanatory, the edition will focus more on films produced by Nigerians, about Nigeria, and for Nigerians; in particular those in the suburb communities of Lagos where public amenities such as schools, health, water, power and hygienic/environmental services etc are usually in short supplies.

Why the theme: The theme: Documenting the Underserved: Agenda for Nigeria 2023, has been strategically designed to address cogent issues in the national polity, which essentially is about enthroning responsible political system that insists on good governance and participatory democracy – two ingredients that have been lacking in Nigeria’s chequered 24-year-old democratic journey which began in 1999. Part of the objectives of the theme is to direct attention of particularly young people to the power of documentary films in empowering them to be active participants in the discourses in their socio-political, economic and cultural environment.

Specifically, the theme, as would be reflected in choice of films to be screened and discussions at the minimised plenary, is to spotlight the powerful tool the young people have in their hands through their smart phones and other electronic gadgets, through which they could expose the needs of their communities for the benefit of their elected representatives, who hopefully would be assuming their various offices with fresh mindset of serving the interest of their people.




Festival Features




A pilot scheme of screening films on suburbs of Lagos:

Bariga-Makoko, Ikorodu, Ajegunle, Ejigbo — as well as at the festival’s traditional base – Freedom Park (Lagos Island).

NB: Further details below


  2. Seminar on DOCUMENTARY FILM CURRICULM DEVELOPMENTan exploratory gathering of film scholars, researchers and teachers with the objective of developing a suitable curriculum for teaching of documentary films in Nigerian (and African) universities.

NB: Details n the narrative below


  1. Symposium on FINANCIAL INCLUSIVITY – Economic and financial experts speaking on extension of the festival’s thematic thrust of PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY through inclusivity.

                NB: Details in the narrative below


  • Project Presentation: CONTENT INCLUSIVITY
  1. My Life of Fuji — a presentation by Dr Saheed Aderinto, professor of African History and African and Diaspora Studies at the Florida International Universities, USA, on his ongoing research into the history and development of Fuji music over the years.


  1. The Street Art Project — RITA EZENWA-OKORO, Founder and Lead Visionary of Street Project Foundation, a not-for-profit organization speaks on her organisations’s project, which uses creative and performing arts tools to facilitate opportunities for youth leadership development, social mobilisation, and cross-cultural dialogue in Nigeria.

  1. TRAINING: PROJECT PITCHING: Content Creator and Visual Storyteller, FEMI ODUGBEMI, creative leader of Zuri24 Media, producers of such major TV projects as Battleground, Brethren, Japa Movement and Covenant, takes young filmmakers through the rudiments of project pitching with international Television outfits.




MARCH 16 @ Freedom Park, Lagos

Event: Opening Cocktail

Features: Speeches, Wining + Screening

  • OSO AFIA (31mins; Nigeria, 2022; Dir. Nwaiwu)


  • BOYS ON THE BRINK (58mins; 2022, Nigeria; Dir. Peter O. Oke & Rume Renee Onosode)

NB: Please see Profiles of films below.




MARCH 17 @ Virtual & ICS & Freedom Park, Lagos



  • 2 pm: Plenary 1

Theme: Documentary for Inclusivity


Topic: Political Inclusivity

  1. Screening of excerpts from Motherland The Musical – 30 minutes (With virtual conversation with the Produder/Director)


  1. Presentation of Street Art Project by Rita Ezenwa-Okoro


  • 4pm: Topic: Financial Inclusivity


  1. Olu Akanmu, MD/CEO O’Pay
  2. Bunmi Lawson, MD, Edfin Microfinance Ltd

NB: Please see details of the plenary and profiles of speakers below



7pm: Screening at Freedom Park

  1. AWON BOYS (38mins; 2019, Nigeria; Dir. Tolu Iteoje)
  2. SUNSET IN MAKOKO, by Allen Onyinge
  • EXTRA TIME ON KONDO STREET; (15 mins; Nigeria, 2022; Dir. Sam Umukoro)
  1. GENIUS IN DISGUISE: DEMYSTIFYING DYSLEXIA (24mins; 2023, Nigeria; Dir.James Amuta)
  2. JIMMY SHOW (89mins; 2022, Nigeria; Dir.. Ayo Adewumi)

NB: Please see details of the films below


  • 7pm: Screening at Inner City Screening Centres

Ikorodu | Bariga | Ejigbo | Ajegunle

NB: Details of featured film to be confirmed




MARCH 18: @ Virtual & ICS & Freedom Park


7pm: Inner City Screening Centres. Details to be confirmed




MARCH 19 @ Virtual




2pm (Virtual)

Theme: Serving the Underserved Communities



  • Project Presentation: My Story of Fuji, by Dr Saheed Aderinto,

Professor of History and African and African DiasporaSstudies,

Florida International University, USA



3pm (Virtual)


> Keynotes by Inner City Screening Partners

Theme: Propects & Challenges of deploying art to serve the Underserved

  1. BARIGA — Segun Adefila
  2. EJIGBO –Jelili Atiku
  • AJEGUNLE – Eric Obuh (Vocal Slender)
  1. IKORODU – Eriata Oribhabor

NB: (Please see Profiles of the Centres and the speakers below)




4pm: (Virtual)


Theme: Art, Media & Fate and fortune of the Underserved

Features: Screening of film excerpts





7pm: Screening at Freedom Park

  1. PLEASE DARLING, DON’T DIE BEFORE ME (31mins; W/Africa; Dir. Debbie Soni)
  2. HER STORY; EDUCATE A WOMAN, EDUCATE A NATION (37mins; 2016, Ghana; Dir. Sally Nuamah)
  • THE PLIGHT OF THE PEOPLE OF NDI INYA ABAM (7mins; Nigeria; Vining Ogu)
  1. ODE TO HEROINES 19mins; Nigeria; Ebunoluwa Akinbo and Omoregie Osakpolor)
  2. CONCRETE UNDER WATER 8mins; Nigeria; Peter Okojie)
  3. AFTERLIFE (30mins; Nigeria; Jubilian Anikazinma Ngaruwa)
  • BLACK DEUTSCHLAND; (52mins; Germany 2006/2020; Dir. Oliver Hardt)


  • 7pm: Inner City Screening

Ikorodu | Bariga | Ejigbo | Ajegunle

  • NB: Details of featured film to be confirmed







  1. PLENARIES (Conferences)



To be staged VIRTUALLY, the conference is designed as an exploratory meeting of scholars, experts and a focus group of professionals to gather information and data on existing teaching methodology and structure in the few Film studies departments in select Nigerian universities. With a projected participation of 12 faculties — film scholars, researchers and teachers – five from Nigeria and 4 from around the continent, and 3 from Europe and the West, the Plenary aims to produce a working document that would then form the basis of agenda for discussion at the main conference which has been slated for JULY after the new government would have settled into office, and the election-induced security challenges would have been tamed enough to enable us bring in targeted international participants from the continent, Europe, North America and Canada.



To be staged VIRTUALLY, the symposium, in tandem with the thematic thrust of the 2023 IREP — documenting the underserved segments of society in our national development agenda – will address the importance of financial inclusion of the underserved. The Symposium thematic focus is also a reference to the recent crisis engendered by the “Naira Redesign” policy of the Central Bank of Nigeria, which visited untold but avoidable hardships on a large segment of the society, mostly the poor and low-income earners in the society. Speakers will reflect on how the poor and the common people could be given material empowerment so that they are authentic and free participants in the democratic system that determines their fate, future and fortune. Two eminent specialists have been selected to address the topic. These are Mr Olu Akanmu, President and Co-CEO, OPAY-Nigeria; and Ms. Bunmi Lawson, CEO EdFin Microfinance Bank.




i.Ms BUNMI LAWSON, Managing Director/CEO, EDFIN Microfinance Bank Limited

She is the pioneer Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of EDFIN Microfinance Bank Limited, which prides itself as the first specialized Education Microfinance Bank with unique and well researched products and services tailored to cater for the needs of its customers and the Education Ecosystem. Ms. Lawson holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the IESE Business School, University of Navarra and is an alumnus of the Lagos Business School. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria.


ii.OLU AKANMU, Co-CEO, OPay-Nigeria

He has Successful track record at executive (C) levels in both telecommunications and financial services industries invaluable in providing strategic leadership to businesses at the convergence of both and similar industries. He was Chief Marketing Officer at Airtel Nigeria with responsibility to lead commercial strategy and achieve revenue targets of more than USD 1.5billion annually. Previously Managing Director/ CEO- Retail Banking at former BankPHB. Start-up experience at MTN-Nigeria playing critical roles in the phenomenal growth of MTN-Nigeria to a network in excess of ten million subscribers in its first five years.






Short Profiles Of Resource Centres Persons For ICS

“With the chosen theme, Documenting the Underserved… the iREP is embarking on the pilot scheme of the INNER CITY SCREENING (ICS) project, which will see it screening films in such suburbs of Lagos — Bariga-Makoko, Ikorodu, Ajegunle, Ejigbo — as well as at the festival’s traditional base – Freedom Park (Lagos Island). We hope to use the screened films to awaken the interest of the participants to their civic responsibility,” stated the Festival Programme Directorate. It adds, ”The ICS project will also help us in fashioning a critical aspect of  the agenda for the iREP 2023-24 main project: the  Documentary Film Curriculum Development project. To execute this programme, the iREP is partnering with screening centres in the select four pilot centres in Bariga, Ajegunle, Ikorodu, and Ejigbo.




A community arts centre that places young people at the centre of its creative activities, the Crown Art Factory encourages young people to channel their energies towards participatory and responsible leadership through the arts. The result is an outstanding, diverse and accessible artistic programme for everyone. Activities at the Art Factory are mainly targeted at harnessing passions, channelling energies and shaping futures. The Factory is where young people change their lives  through the arts, and audiences of all ages experience exciting artistic creations.



DRAMATIST, dancer, choreographer and creative entrepreneur, Segun started acting and dancing as an itinerant masquerade performer in his Omu Aperan, Kwara State community, especially during traditional festivals. This experience influenced his art as a performance artist with a remarkable awareness of the potency of the arts as a veritable tool for social rejuvenation. He had informal training in theatre with Black Image Theatre Company, Lagos Nigeria, after which he became a co-founder and artistic director of the Crown Troupe of Africa, founded in June 1996 as a Dance Laboratory to dramatise Lagos, Nigeria as a modern cosmopolis. The theatre group investigates the social and political universe of that existence and those of the members to create a set of unique performances that rely on the “recycling” of materials (as props, designs, strategies and as plots, for example in the adaptation of existing dramatic work) to regenerate ideas to satirise and comment on social practices, political excesses and cultural malpractices. 





Dreams of Brighter Days Initiatives (DBDI), is an NGO based in Ajegunle with a unique mission of creating a platform for disadvantaged individuals to succeed. The group regularly embarks on various community-based projects that encourage education and skill acquisitions in the past five years. It  was founded by Eric Obuh aka Vocal Slender, a former scavenger at the Ojota refuse dump site before the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) produced a documentary titled “Welcome to Lagos” where he was featured as the lead character on the operations of scavengers at the dump sites.  


Chef: ERIC OBUH aka Vocal slender

POPULAR called Vocal Slender, Eric is an Afropop/reggae artist who came to national attention when he was  featured in Part 1 of the BBC  documentary, Welcome to Lagos. He was an aspiring singer in Ajegunle, and also picker at the Olusosun Refuse dump in Ojota area of Lagos, when he was interviewed by the BBC crew. The release of the documentary made him an instant subject of public attention. Since then he has also been featured in articles in several local and international mediums, notably The Observer, The  Independent, and London Metro. Welcome to Lagos won British  Documentary Award (BAFTA), while Eric personally won the Google African Connect Success Story in Nairobi, Kenya in 2014;  Life Changers Award, Thinkation Award by Ubong King; and award for Humanitarian Service University of Calabar.  Eric is fondly calledGhetto Youth Ambassador and a Role Model in Ajegunle society; he runs an NGO Dreams of Brighter Days Initiatives which stages the “Back to School Program,which provides school/studying materials to indigent pupils in Ajegunle and suburb. He is also the Founder and organizer of  Christmas in Ajegunle an event that provides food items for families in the Lagos suburb during Christmas period. He is Founder Nnesca Fashion Academy and Skills, which creates jobs for the people of Ajegunle, He is also one of the founders and coordinators of Ajegunle Music Festival; an event to inspire the Youths in Ajegunle. He is also co-founder VZ Music Studio in Olodi Apapa.




Established in 2014 to enhance and promote indigenous Yoruba culture, philosophy, civilisation and values, the Foundation aims at re-activating ancient indigenous Yoruba cultural activities in Lagos State, especially in Ejigbo area of Lagos Mainland. It also aims to entrench the artistic legacies of Jelili Atiku to increase the sensibilities of communities on the essence of humanitarian values to human growth.



Renowned multimedia artist with political concerns for human rights and justice, Jelili Atiku through his drawing, installation sculpture, photography, video and performance (live art); strives to help viewers understand the world and expand their understanding and experiences so that they can activate and renew their lives and environments. For over a decade, Jelili has put his art at the service of his community; focussing especially on those those issues that threaten humans’ collective existence and the sustenance of the universe. The contents of these concerns ranging from psychosocial and emotional effects of traumatic events such as violence, war, poverty, corruption, climate change and others that are associated with our warring world have dominated his artistic forms. He is presently the Artistic Director of AFiRIperFOMA – a collective of performance artists in Africa; and Chief Coordinator of Advocate for Human Rights Through Art (AHRA). Jelili has travelled widely and participated in numerous performances/exhibitions/talks in Africa, Asia, Europe and America. He is 2015 Prince Claus Laureates and was wrongly accused, arrested, detained in prison and trialled on the instance of his performance in public space in Ejigbo, Lagos in 2016; and also in 2019 for protecting the indigenous Yoruba, religion, Ìẹ̀e. 





A unique place for different events targeted at young persons for personal and professional development through trainings, workshops, seminars, skills acquisition, fairs and exhibitions, The facility also serves as a creative space that promotes creativity via various events organised to support the honing of diverse skills and talents.Eriata Heights has a Creative Book Space with a library that is open for anyone wishing to have a space for reading and research covering. Its founding vision is to build creatively grounded youths to positively impact society



POET, essayist, editor, social commentator, literary activist and publisher at Something for Everybody Ventures (SFEV), an arm of Eriata Centre for Literary Education & Entrepreneurial Development. Former Chairman, Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Abuja Chapter, he is the President of the Poets in Nigeria (PIN) Initiative, a platform where in conjunction with committed poets, countless services are being rendered to society via poetry and its promotion. He is the Lead creative, at Eriata Heights’ Creative Space, Lagos, Nigeria.







OSO AFIA (31mins; Nigeria, 2022; Dir. T. Nwaiwu)

Synopsis: What is Oso Afia? Who is Onye Oso Afia? This documentary is a close look into the traditional entrepreneurial system developed by the Igbo to connect customers and traders with the help of a middleman in exchange for a commission. These middlemen are mostly former apprentices who have not been adequately settled by their masters, so now they must embrace the hustle as a means to raise capital for their own business.


THE BLACK MUSEUM (52 min; Germany/USA 2018; Dir. Oliver Hardt)

Synopsis: A journey through the spectacular National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington D.C.Through 100,000 square feet of exhibition space spread across eight levels, the museum explores America’s history and culture through the lens of the African American experience. Interviews with the project’s key figures give detailed insight into the challenges and conflicts during the formative stage of the museum and its overwhelming success during its first year of operation.

AWON BOYS (38mins; 2019, Nigeria; Dir. Tolu Iteoje)

Synopsis: It follows the lives and journey of 8 area boys living on the streets of Lagos; and sheds a much-needed light on their struggles, ambitions, dreams, fears, peculiarities and the commonness that makes them human like everyone else, but will it be enough to change society’s perception of them as ‘Public Enemies Number One’?


BLACK DEUTSCHLAND; (52mins; Germany 2006/2020; Dir. Oliver Hardt)

Synopsis: The TV documentary is an intimate study of how a not so small minority in Germany thinks and feels. It explores how images and counter-images, life-concepts and their reflection in the media mutually condition one another. How all of this becomes a social reality in which age-old clichés and prejudices continue to exist quite independent of people’s good or bad intentions. Featuring Darius James, Sam Meffire, Vincent Mewanu, Tyron Ricketts, Noah Sow, Michael Basden, Ayana V. Jackson


BOYS ON THE BRINK (58mins; 2022, Nigeria; Dir. Peter O. Oke & Rume Renee Onosode)

Synopsis: A coming-of-age subject-driven documentary that focuses on 6 young males across 6 communities in Lagos — Epe, Tarkwa Bay, Lagos Island, Victoria Island, Orile and Ajegunle. They are the boys that form a unique demographic that has often been ignored, underestimated and even disregarded – these soon to be husbands/fathers/leaders typically lack accountable guiding figures as they struggle to survive and become men simultaneously. This documentary presents an evocative story-telling of them, by them and for them.


THE PLIGHT OF THE PEOPLE OF NDI INYA ABAM (7mins; Nigeria; Dir. Vining Ogu)

Ndi Inya Abam is a village under the Arochukwu Local Government Area in Abia State. The locals have been crying over their sufferings, (no road, no drinking water and other basic necessities) despite the fact that they have their representatives in government. A woman told BBC Igbo that her son had died because they did not have a hospital, and the road to a hospital in another neighbouring village was not good.


EXTRA TIME ON KONDO STREET; (15 mins; Nigeria, 2022; Dir. Sam Umukoro)

Synopsis: A poor single mother diagnosed with breast cancer must raise money urgently to begin treatment. Her 16-year-old son wants to use his supernatural gift to raise the money for her treatment. But  only to discover that this supernatural gift is a blessing and curse ; it is the same  gift that killed his father and can put them in danger!


ODE TO HEROINES  (19mins; Nigeria; Dir. Ebunoluwa Akinbo and Dir.Omoregie Osakpolor)

Synopsis: A short documentary celebrating women, it highlights the living and late; sung and unsung heroines; women with exemplary character and extraordinary courage who dominated spaces and made exceptional contributions in society. The women highlighted are in one way or the other connected to Lagos, either they lived and or worked in Lagos.


THE OSHODI CHILD; (9.23mins; Nigeria, 2022; Dir. Solomon Usuanlele

Synopsis: Oshodi is a bustling commercial and transportation hub. One of the busiest areas in Lagos, known for its vibrant markets, street vendors, bus terminals, and high crime rate, it was necessary to take precautions when visiting the area. In Oshodi is a group of helpless kinds, most of them school drop-outs or those who absconded from homes and their parental care. The desperate kids would, and could do anything to find their path in life. Social worker and activist, Tunde Onakoya and his team of enthusiasts device a scheme to help the underserved kids discover real life, and their hidden potentials through the game of chess. The kids were left dumbfounded by the experience, and discovered new meanings to living and existence. It was a discovery for the team and as well as the so-called ‘dregs…’

CONCRETE UNDER WATER (8mins; Nigeria; Dir. Peter Okojie)

This is an observational story on the third mainland bridge in Lagos Nigeria. One of the main routes to the island in Lagos state is this bridge, focusing on the values and how pivotal it is for the residents of Lagos state. As the second longest bridge in Africa and longest in West Africa, it is important to document it.


AFTERLIFE (30mins; Nigeria; Dir. Jubilian Anikazinma Ngaruwa)

Afterlife takes us on a journey into the demonized world of traditional religions in Nigeria. Through the help of our subjects the documentary has been able to successfully Identify the role traditional religion plays in cultural preservation in Nigeria, assessed the impact of religion on the psychological well being of the 21st century Nigerian millennial, also deeply investigating through the help of our experts, how efficient psychological warfare technique was used during colonization to demonize Nigerian traditional religion and for the colonizers to assert their economic control in Nigeria.


JIMMY SHOW (89mins; 2022, Nigeria; Dir.. Ayo Adewumi)

Synopsis: In this autobiographical documentary, legendary multi-disciplinary artiste, Jimi Solanke reflects on his 80 years of existence, spotlighting the key events of his over six decades of professional life. He highlights attributes that made his career one of the most illustrious in Africa’s Creative industry. He talks about his early childhood and training, his theatrical, storytelling and musical performances all around the world, especially his American experience. Jimi’s story traces the history of the beginning of professional theatre practice in Africa and pays tribute to those who made it happen. The documentary features interviews with great minds in African theatre and culture, some of whom had been either Jimi’s mentors, colleagues or associates, including the dramatist, Prof Wole Soyinka, Africa’s first Nobel laureate in Literature.


GENIUS IN DISGUISE: DEMYSTIFYING DYSLEXIA (24mins; 2023, Nigeria; Dir.James Amuta)

Synopsis: Dyslexia is a learning disability that affects 40 million Nigerians.  98% of this figure goes undiagnosed. The symptoms of Dyslexia in children have often been mislabeled, hence exposing these children to ridicule and bullying from teachers, parents, and peers. In adults, the consequences are much more dire. In this documentary film, the filmmakers attempt to demystify Dyslexia by talking to people living with Dyslexia, educationists, and mental health experts. To enhance the visual appeal of the documentary to the primary target audience of children and young adults, the filmmakers have illustrated the film’s dramatic elements with animated storyboards.  One of the goals of this documentary project is to provide adequate information about Dyslexia to combat the instances of  bullying and peer pressure in schools. And also hopefully provide parents and guardians with enlightenment that will encourage them to test their wards, because the early detection of Dyslexia helps improve the quality of life for persons living with Dyslexia by customizing their educational needs in a bid to help them achieve their greatest potential, ad they go on to live healthy and prosperous lives.

DJEMBE IN THE 13 STREETS (45 mins; 2020; Hong Kong/Tanzania; Dir. Kwong Yin Brian) Synopsis: Out of the 7.3 million people in Hong Kong, more than ninety percent of the population are made up of Chinese people. But in recent years, more and more Africans have settled down in Hong Kong. Local people may wonder why they end up coming here? What is their purpose? At the same time, some Hong Kong natives have been gradually developing a keen interest in African culture. How exactly do these two groups of people who could not be more far removed from each other successfully interact? Featuring a man from Africa and three Hong Kong women in different life stages. Through them, we can get to experience this long-distance interactive journey of different skin colors and races.

PLEASE DARLING, DON’T DIE BEFORE ME (31mins; W/Africa; Dir. Debbie Soni)

Synopsis: The film explores the lives and stories of widows in Africa. There is a stigma around being a

widow even though there is added responsibility, their fears, their widow rights, and hopes for the future.

HER STORY; EDUCATE A WOMAN, EDUCATE A NATION (37mins; 2016, Ghana; Dir. Sally Nuamah)

Synopsis: A short film on the experiences of three girls from low income families in Ghana striving to become the first females in their families to go to college. Sally Nuamah returns to the homelands of her parents, Ghana to do a field research on the determinants of academic success for female students in urban Ghana today. In her research, she takes a rare look into the lives of young women who attend secondary school in Ghana and realizes that collectively there is an overarching story. By taking a brief look at the lives of these young women, the film maker helps us understand the spirituality, discipline and determination that gives these students the ability to surpass the obstacles presented by their present circumstances and be academically successful.



Damilola Chinedu

Prog/Communication Officer,

For the Programme Directorate




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