August 1, 2020

Crown Troupe Puts Up a Re-Tual Show at Eko Festival

By Toyin Akinosho

Crown Troupe of Africa is bracing the COVID -19 landscape to organize a Theatre Festival that is part Virtual and part physical attendance.

It’s a full-on feast of stage performances running from 3pm tomorrow (Monday, August 3) to 8pm on Sunday August 9, 2020.

It’s starting with a play and ending with a concert.

Crown Troupe, a company, weaned on agit-prop sensibilities, is taking advantage of its knowledge of doing a lot with little resources to enact a weeklong festival of 27 events.

And some of its participants are significant names in the culture ecosystem.

The top comedian Ali Baba will deliver a lecture on Entrepreneurship and the Arts; the professor of Performing Aesthetics Razaq Ojo Bakare opens the Festival with a keynote on Theatre in the Age of the Pandemic.

And that’s about all the talk that would be had. The rest is performance.

The festival features four dance performances, five dance dramas, two musicals, one concert, a sound art (performance/dispay) and eight straight plays. There is a full hour of poetry on Wednesday afternoon at 3pm.

Many of the performances: dance, dance drama, concert, and straight plays, are, of course to be performed by the Crown Troupe.

One show to watch out for is The Duke Has Gone Mad Again, a play devised by Joseph Edgar, a theatre producer and self -proclaimed Duke of Somolu and Segun Adefila, founder of Crown Troupe and kickstarter of the Festival. It is directed by Ifeanyi Eziukwu of Just Theatre House.

Joseph Edgar: the Duke of Somolu will participate

Apart from Footprints of David, which is a sort of Crown Troupe Junior, there are several troupes, not well known to the arthouse crowd, that are part of this feast. Pappy Drums, Just Theatre House, Pathfinders Art and Art Castle will be performing plays; Orida Entertainment, The Dream Dance and Ijolomo Dance Company, will be performing the dances; Glorious Art Production and Starlight House of Entertainment, will be presenting dance dramas.

The Schedule of the Eko Festival is displayed below:



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