April 28, 2020

Confessions of an art critic: do I realise how hurtful some of my comments are? Of course

A reader has written in to ask me how I write, the process I go through. I am happy to oblige. I arrive, I sit down, I write. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? If that were all there is to it, there would be nothing more to say. But what about gathering your thoughts, your note-taking and preparation, they ask. Do you write every day and what is your routine, what are your rituals and what are you wearing?

You shall be asking me next about my lucky writing underpants as well as the notebook that never leaves my side, and all the other little encumbrances with which my writing life is festooned, as though I were a Christmas tree of writerly baubles and foibles. Writerly, now there is a word I hate, almost as much as the detestable painterly, with its vain affectations, the twists of the brush, the muddling of colour and tonalities, all that melding and dabbing about, all that scrubbing out and filling in… Click here to read full article

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