April 9, 2020

At Iya Ijebu Buka Apapa With HarryG (For Harry Garuba)

By Uzor Maxim Uzoatu







The editorial can wait

In the nick of manic parliament

Of sorcerers and sundry apprentices

In the coven of the oracle

Amid amala, gbegiri and orishirishi

Upon the carnivelesque hive of Garcia Marquez

And deconstruction of the arrow of Ezeulu’s god

Seamus Heaney makes meat of metaphor by okro soup

Soyinka bestirs language to shoot up rabbits

Ancient and post-modern come to a modern head

In the frothing beer of the ideology of alcoholism

Words get put on wings and soar

In the coven of the oracle.

– Uzor Maxim Uzoatu


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