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By Eddie Aderinokun







Ah-ha, Angola

here she comes,

Africa’s first Super-Power …!

A new republic of power

A new republic of glory.


Why Angola and not South Africa? No!

Why not Nigeria? No!

     and why not Egypt? No, not at all!

     …all three have their chances lost

 sporting kindred kidneys, all three over time, had



in crooked inequalities, 

fishing for remote fishes 

in remote seas yet never finding any. 


Don’t envy her, benighted Angola,

if a thousand Edens fall, won’t

a thousand Edens rise?

a thousand deers of time slain in their place, and

a thousand deers bred…

forests of autumns always will yield way

to forests of springs and

in ashlands of history,

blossoms will sprout, and

muscled leaves flower.

Crystal glows, all works of the sun,

have today, for proud Angola minted

new helmsmen of vision, whose Faith is,

To the pure all things are made pure.


Today Angola is anchored

to flying sky,

her princely feet

firmly planted on

mosaic floors of pride.

Hail her Angola, beautiful bride of a new season

wearing day like

gold bracelet,

fluttering in the sun

making fun and


like a river in her most ostentatious skirts,

freed forever from


of despots now safely chained.

Angola (new mintage in new season) is


newest jewel of pristine light;

blessed so prodigally, she’d

steered her boat unlike her other peers

from debris

of uncertainties

into shorelands of glitter,

also had hurdled voids where

in dance of dusts, torrents

of mates had

drowned fruitful years,


hordes of parched throats to

question in their despair, Is men’s lust for loot

never satiable?

Wise counsel bids you Angola to build evermore


   of life more abundant


    bald wafers for pining


Ah, all behold Angola … in the cozy

folds of earthly paradise singing all

centaurs dead;

over her, a sky-dome of

winning wings proudly antheming,

Long Live!

first ever black super-power!


And Amen! angels from Heaven’s gate in unison chorus


let beachcombers comb on your

brave beacheslet

heaving bosoms

flaunt their proud beauties

in the rays of chromed July

let suns denude frolicking women of

their naughty bras

to surf lustily

in your lush waters, with

their feathers of foams, white as wool.


Let spindly-legged gulls, sea empresses sentried

by fish-eagles,

waltz the vast ballrooms of your Indian ocean

in one joyful hysteria.

Kwanza River in Angola: Photographed November 2013 by Toyin Akinosho

Angola, luxuriate on …

maximally harness brains of your


in these new dawns bristling

new trees of calm, bristling

new leaves of balm, you

(once pulled down by poverty) who’s now to all the world

a sweet sweet pancake.

Remember though, remember

four things never look back –

shot arrow,

running brook,

spoken word, and

lost opportunity!


CRYSTALBALL—2021 is one of the 26 poems in the collection CRYSTALBALL, published in 2000. Here Eddie Aderinokun plays the role of “a literary seer”, according to the critic Maxwell Oditta. The poet died in January 2021, at the age of 81.

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