July 11, 2019

Cassava Counts to The Day of Small Silence

By Damian Otugbua

Cassava Republic is counting down to the day of release of A Small Silence.

The publisher is releasing a short excerpt from the new novel, every day, to whet appetite for the book.

Every excerpt, christened ‘A Sneak Peek’, is rounded off with a footnote that screams: Pre-order Now! The price of a paperback copy is ₦2,500.00.

A Small Silence is Jumoke Verissimo’s debut as a novelist. She is already widely known as a poet.

The book, described by Giles Foden, author of The Last King of Scotland, as “Moving and shock- filled,” will be released on July 30, 2019.

A Small Silence is a story around an activist, retired University Professor who resolves to live a life of darkness after his release from prison. He holes up in his apartment, pushing away friends and family, and embraces his status as an urban legend….

The Sneak Peek of July 10, 2019 goes:

Mama T was so concerned by the violence that she asked Remilekun to forget university and join her in her wholesale business.

‘Or you people can go to the university from my house, abi?’ Mama T suggested.

‘How would we cope with reading with all these visitors who come to see you at home?’

‘The distance, nko? Have you regarded the distance from the house to the campus?’ retorted Remilekun.

‘It is a direct bus. Just one bus.’

‘Ojoo is not far-o. Iba too.’

‘Mama T, the cults are always fighting in those places.’

With the mention of cults, Mama T sighed. ‘God will kuku protect you from all these children bringing their afflicted head from home to the campus.’

‘Amin-o. And we don’t even have lectures every day, so we can stay home and read. It is convenient for us,’ Desire lied.

‘But there’s never light there, abi? Don’t you know that Ipaja area never has power? At least you need to be comfortable where you are reading.’

‘Is there light in Surulere here? Is there light anywhere in this country? Are we not all living in darkness?’ Remilekun said, with a laughter that caught on.

Mama T shook her head, ‘Me, I’m going to the market. Just try to find a good place in Abesan, okay?’

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