Day: December 3, 2019

The Bondage Story – Good Wine Needs no Bush

            An Igbo adage, coming across with the same sentiments as the Title above,  says that a good product sells itself. The interest generated by Living in Bondage: Breaking Free, the second sequel to the phenomenal Living in Bondage, has been quite intense. It is the song on almost every […]

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No More Tears For Teju

            No tears can be enough, so I have decided to stop shedding tears for my classmate, friend and brother, Professor Tejumola Olaniyan (April 3, 1959 – November 30, 2019). It is cool by me reverting to the smiles and laughter I shared with Teju in his lionized life. My […]

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Far From A Wasteland

          dispossessed by James Eze; Fasihi (Daraja Press); 2019; 121pp Ever since I got a signed copy of James Eze’s debut collection of poetry, dispossessed, I’ve been possessed! Poetry can be overwhelming at the best of times such that it becomes a benumbing challenge getting the aesthetic distance to engage in […]

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