December 20, 2018

“I am Far More Useful Outside”-TK Resigns

Nigeria’s top filmmaker, Tunde Kelani, has walked out of the job of the umpire for quality and ethics of Nigerian films.

He resigned from the high and lofty position of Chairman of the National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB), the industry regulator, last week.

“Let me tell you something”, he said to “I am far more useful to the country, to the economy, outside of that job”, Kelani told BookArtville, by phone from Abeokuta.

Segun Adefila, actor, playwright, theatre producer, corners the celebrant

Kelani has delivered over 10 full length feature films, as director and producer in the course of a filmmaking career spanning over 40 years. He was appointed Chair of the Board last December.

He said that the message that is widely described as his letter of resignation was not meant for public consumption. The letter, detailing reasons why he left the board, first emerged on  WhatsApp and has been published by the arts and entertainment media, including The

It reads:

“Within the last few months, I have found out that my life and career do not fit into this type of structure as presently constituted which cannot recognise its tasks talk less of trying to fulfil it”, the filmmaker widely known as TK complained in a WhatsApp message.

“I have also discovered that within the short tenure, that meaningful change is not possible within this large group as constituted (52 in number).  My entire life and career have never witnessed the contradictory mentality that is within the board which has made it impossible to make an attempt on the task for which we were constituted”, he lamented.

“As you know, I am not used to this type of negative behavioural manifestations., therefore, I have decided to quit now with my name and reputation intact.  I need to spend my time and energy on productive, developmental, cultural, social and meaningful projects without unnecessary distractions”.


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