October 31, 2018

Film Review: ‘King of Boys’ is everything and nothing you expect

Ms Sobowale is the physical embodiment of the theatre actress, constantly projecting with her voice and body language to ensure even the people in the cheap seats get as much bang for their buck. It is a hard trait to shake off, even when HD cameras allow you carrying a world of meaning in an eyebrow twitch. King of Boys presents her with the opportunity indulge these quirks, sometimes all in a hot minute. And can you blame her? Eniola Salami is King Lear, faced with the burden of dividing her spoils between her two children. She is Don Vito Corleone but without the fear inducing restraint captured by Marlon Brando, and in scenes of her younger years, she is Toyin Tomato with the sauce. Or is it called stew these days?

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