Day: November 26, 2017

Somolu, Nigeria’s Biggest Printing Hub



SOMOLU in Somolu Local Government Area of Lagos State is unarguably the hub of commercial printing in Nigeria with thousands of commercial printing presses both small and medium scales doting the length and breadth of this bustling business community. Although her position in Africa and indeed the world as one of the leading enclaves of printing business remains a subject of debate, not a few stakeholders in the Nigeri­an printing industry are of the opinion that Somolu commands a respectable position in league of leading printing communities not only in Africa but also in the world. Read more

The author, Chimeka Garricks

They Took Over Our Playground

By Chimeka Garricks

We did not play football that day.

As we burst through the bamboo thicket onto the beach, we were stopped by an apparition. We stared in disbelief. There were fishing boats on the Maracana! The once pristine beach was cluttered with nets, baskets and other fishing gear. Fishermen idled, ingroups, by their boats, hard frowns on their faces.

It was an unwritten rule in Asiama that the fishermen only operated from the nearby Ofirima Island, and not from Asiama Town itself. From the beach we could see Ofirima Island, across the restless ocean, just off our left. Every single boat was now over on Asiama Town. The fishermen’s shacks were completely deserted. Ofirima Island looked sad and lonely. We turned our gaze to Ashawo Village on our right. We could make out movements; Ashawo Village seemed to be okay. Read more

Alaa Al Aswany Photo

Taha’s Last Roar

By Alaa Al Aswany

He burned with longing to know whether this was the officer who had supervised his torture in detention, but he had not been frank with Mahgoub about this desire in case the latter should feel uneasy about him and exclude him from the operation.

Taha kept staring at the building entrance, the memories rushing past in front of him, and then the officer appeared. He looked the way they had described him—portly with a pale complexion, the traces of sleep and his hot bath still on his face, walking calmly and confidently, a cigarette dangling from the comer of his mouth. Read more

Scene at London Book Fair, Europe has some of the world's largest book events

Book Publishing Is Europe’s Largest Cultural Industry

Europe’s book publishers say that their industry is the continent’s largest cultural industry.

Although nowhere in a newly released report by the Federation of European Publishers, is a comparison of business figures in the publishing industry with those of  other cultural products, the sales statistics produced in the report, the first attempt of its kind-according to the authors- to collect such a wide range of data focusing on book publishing, are quite staggering. Read more